Collingwood Magpies Retain McGuire for 2017 AFL Season

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In a rare instance of retaining the chief when the Indians fail to produce, the Collingwood Magpies will not be looking for a new boss, choosing rather to keep President Eddie McGuire, without so much as a whiff of opposition. McGuire will be able to stay on until 2020.

No other candidates emerged for the position as of Tuesday afternoon, when nominations for the position closed.

In the absence of any formal, or informal, challenge to McGuire, he will be officially re-elected at the Pies Annual General Meeting of February 27, alongside Mark Korda, who also faced no opposition.

McGuire drew much fire from the membership base, as could be expected, considering the Pies fortunes in the 2016 AFL season, but there were no call for his scalp when it came time to make the decision regarding his future as Collingwood president.

Collingwood remains solvent financially, which is a primary concern for a president, but the 2017 season may pose a challenge for Coach Nathan Buckley, who will be out of contract following the 2017 season and it would seem that if the Pies were to produce another finals-missing season, such as last year’s, where they won only nine matches. Buckley’s future would be in limbo, the bad sort, not the good sort.