Commentator Ennis Mumbles Due to Both Feet in Mouth

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In the NFL, placekickers often get excessive credit for a last second field goal that wins the game or excessive blame for a miss that results in a loss.

In the case of a loss, it is often one of the offensive or defensive players who take the kicker to task, but in the final analysis, if those offensive players had done their jobs properly over the course of the game, their team would have had a cushion sufficient to render the dying seconds kick irrelevant.

The same holds true of other codes, so we find it somewhat ludicrous and cynical that ex-NRL player Michael Ennis was so starved for comments that he had to weigh in on Daly Cherry-Evans facial expression after Cherry-Evans had missed one of five conversions in the 22 – 20 loss by the Manly Sea Eagles against the Sydney Roosters.

All the Sea Eagles need have done is to score one extra try beyond the platy three they put up.

Cherry-Evans (great name, by the way, for an ice cream flavour) missed from right in front when the score was 4 – 0 and apparently the 82 percent rate kicker could only smile bemusedly when missing from point-blank range.

Ennis was not having it, and to be fair, Ennis had to say something, as he is compensated for saying things, but you would hope that he could say worthwhile things.

“I could be wrong and people out there may jump down my throat, it’s a minor thing, but smiling after you miss a kick,” Ennis told Big League Wrap. “But I just don’t think it’s a good look to be laughing … we’ve got fans out there that are paying lots of money. We’re trying to encourage them to support their team and be passionate about them.When your captain’s sort of saying water off a duck’s back when there’s those key moments in games, for me, I just don’t like it.”

For the sake of objectivity, Ennis played 26 games for Canterbury in 2012, but failed to score a try for the entire year, which would undoubtedly account for the six losses suffered by the Dogs that year and also for their Grand Final loss to Melbourne.

We cannot seem to recall Ennis falling on his sword for that one, but he lives on, so obviously he did not.