Concussion Issues Serious Consideration for Cricketers

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Despite the level of attention devoted to the subject of concussions in every sports code in recent years, the International Cricket Council has no intention of revisiting the debate regarding substitution, as would be the case if Cricket Australia was to have its way, along with the growing number of players chiming in for a push to change the status quo.

Cricket Australia does intend to approach the ICC once more when the Sheffield Shield competition concludes in April, even though they failed to get a measure passed last season despite having the backing of the England Cricket Board, Cricket South Africa and New Zealand Cricket.

Not enough of the other member states were willing to get behind the proposal to look out for the potential long-term effects of head injuries.

The issue is not going to go away, the main reason being court systems that seem increasingly willing to hand down multi-million dollar awards to players who claim that past concussions have affected their cognitive abilities long after the conclusion of their playing days.

Cricket Australia would like to see teams offered a full replacement player for the remainder of any match where a player is taken off as the result of a serious blow to the head.