Cousins Lewis and Neville Jetta Clash in West Coast-Melbourne Final

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We would like to say that the preliminary final match between the West Coast Eagles and the Melbourne Demons is a battle of the Jetta brothers.

Unfortunately, the two are cousins only, which definitely detracts from any sibling rivalry intrigue. Lewis plays for West Coast, Neville plays for Melbourne

How about winner gets one year of unlimited use of a Volkswagen Jetta? The model, unfortunately, is not available in Australia, but a Passat would serve as an adequate substitute, as not even Volkswagen engineers can notice the difference.

We could say something similar to the Jettas as football players, although they do differ in appearance.

There is also a statistical disparity.

Lewis enjoys a 66.28 to 38.57 percent advantage in winning percentage, which we have to note is the result of Lewis playing for Sydney before West Coast, while Neville has laboured for Melbourne for his entire career.

Lewis is the more proficient goal kicker, too, averaging 0.67 per game, compared to 0.17 for Neville.

The two are relatively equal in terms of disposals. Lewis averages 14.9 per game, while the figure for Neville is 13.02. Lewis’ best year in that category was 2015, his last season with the Swans. Neville’s top mark is 335 from the 2016 season.

Of course, quantifying a player’s contribution to his club by statistics only is a dangerous course, but lacking anything else with the objectivity of statistics, that is the course we choose.

Lewis has nine seasons at the senior level and 172 games, while Neville has 140 games over 10 seasons.

It would seem as though portraying the preliminary final game between the two Jettas as a family feud does not have much veritas and the two will probably exchange a handshake and a few friendly words before and after the match.

We would like to see Neville goal and upstage his cousin in terms of post-goal celebration, but something tells us that Lewis has the upper hand in that category also.