Cricket Resting Policy Arouses Ire of Former Test All-Rounder Julian

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We feel that it is simply not cricket to compare cricket with rugby, but we understand the occasional need to create a stretched analogy in the interest of making a valid point, such as that Brendan Julian was attempting to explain the downfall of the integrity of Australian cricket.

The level of civility and decorum in rugby far exceeds that of cricket, for starters.

Yet compare is exactly what former Test player and commentator Brendan Julian did when expressing his disapproval of the resting policy that has seen Australian cricketers being drubbed as the result of top players being limited, such as bowler Mitchell Starc being restricted to an overs limit.

He may have been stretching the cricket/rugby analogy to make his point when he claimed that he would like to see the All Blacks rotate their side in order to give the Wallabies a better chance.

A desire to win every game prevents that practice by the Kiwis, along with the conviction of the players that once they go out for a spell; they might never get back in.

Julian made his comments on the heels of a recent fiasco against South Africa that resulted in a 5 – 0 debacle in an ODI and a 3 – 0 loss in a Test in Sri Lanka.

Not having the best players at the disposal of Steve Smith, in Julian’s view, is hurting both Smith’s confidence in his decisions and proving more than a little detrimental to domestic cricket competition.