Cricket Test Behaviour Borders on the Ludicrous

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As recent converts to the game of cricket and its finer points of protocol, we are left scratching our heads over the vitriol that is being tossed casually about concerning events in the Australia – India Test series, as we had always thought that politeness and decorum were two of the main guiding principles of the game.

That would appear not to be the case following an ugly exchange of accusations that took place last night following the dismissal of Aussie Steve Smith for 28 runs during the fourth day of the second Test between Australia and India.

Star Sports commentator Michael Clarke asserted that Peter Handscomb had prompted Smith to seek guidance on a referral from the team box.

Smith attempted to dismiss the incident as a “brain fade,” but Indian captain Virat Kohli was having none of it, claiming that the Aussies had cheated thrice during the match by seeking input from the dressing room over DRS referrals.

Kohli apparently has no solid evidence to back his claims, but the degree of animosity in his and former India great Sourav Ganguly was of a level that makes it seem more as though it is UFC motor-mouth Conor McGregor who is the one doing all the talking.

Clarke’s allegations are based on video replay footage, which seems to support the idea that Handscomb was the first to motion upstairs and encourage Smith to do the same.

Now boys, try to be civil, or you’ll go without tea.