Crows of a Feather Flock Collectively

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In the future, near and distant, or at least for the duration of our memories, we will try to write nothing by praise when the subject turns to Adelaide football manger Brett Burton, who in speaking of us and those of our ilk said, “Maybe in 1998 you might have (gotten away with things) but now there is too much reporting and the reporting is too good … it’s always going to find its way out and it will be embarrassing if you don’t tell the truth.”

We do not know if we are guilty of too much reporting, but we will always be at the ready to focus on the too good part of the remark Burton made at a recent presser where he and Crow Coach Don Pyke attempted to put the bizarre pre-season camp in which the players participated at the behest of motivators Collective Mind into the past.

Judging from the Crows’ results to this point in the Toyota 2018 Premiership competition, the firm that was supposed to be teaching the Crows an enhanced version of working together as a team might be known in the future as Collecting Money, as the senior list for the Crows does not seem to be doing any collective thinking on the oval.

About the only thing they collectively agreed upon was to take a week off, but even the Brisbane Lions and the Carlton Blues can look at a calendar and realise when they have a bye.

During the press conference, while Pyke admitted that in hindsight, the use of Collective Mind seems to have been a “fail,” neither he nor Burton were forthcoming with many details.

Not long after the presser, which came at an odd time in the eyes of many footy insiders, the Crows announced that they had collectively found a pathway to a new three year deal for their gun forward Tom Lynch.

We wish the Crows well in 2019 and if we ever run into Burton in the boozer, we will pool our meagre resources and collectively buy him a round or two.