Cure for Carlton Easy to Say Harder to Do Part I

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, goes an old saying.

Add to that: If it is broke, get someone who knows what they are doing to do the fixing.

It seems that the Carlton Blues are in need of a fix, if two wins from the last 26 games qualifies as broken.

We would start by getting the club a decent kit, one that does not look as though they are playing in their undies, although we have to say that the Blues’ outfit is not near as underwear-like as was the ensemble the Three Lions wore for one of their last appearances in World Cup.

That is the full extent of our advice, but if anyone with the Blues is listening, expert advice from the likes of Paul Roos should be given some consideration.

The Blues are in the third year of a rebuild and thus far, it does not appear as though much progress is being made.

Roos has been in a similar predicament before when he was charged with resurrecting Melbourne some years past.

He and the Demons brain trust got something right and if the finals were to start today, the Dees would be in, which is much the same situation the Western Bulldogs found themselves in 2016 and anyone can tell how well that turned out.

Former Dees’ player Garry Lyon has the perspective to weigh in on Carlton’s struggles, but just as we feel that Roos should have coached North Melbourne, we feel Lyon should have played for Brisbane.

“It can turn around quickly,” Lyon told On The Couch.“There is something that has worked for a club that was lower than Carlton are right now.”

Lyon’s formula was nothing radical, but the execution is the difficult part.

He thinks the Blues need to bring in a coach with his own assistants, rather than a new coach with some entrenched holdovers. Too often, those incumbents undermine a new coach in the hopes of auditioning for the role.

To be continued…