Curry and Kerr Give NBA $50,000 Refund

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Tossing a piece of plastic can prove a costly mistake in the NBA, where decorum is valued above all else. For confirmation, ask Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, who was ejected in the final minutes of game six of the NBA finals and fined $25,000 for throwing his mouth guard when he was called for his sixth and final foul in a frustrating loss to the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

Golden State Coach Steve Kerr was also the recipient of a $25,000 fine for his disparaging comments regarding the officiating in the game, but like Curry, Kerr could probably pay the fine by reaching into his pocket and pulling out some of his walking around money.

Kerr could also take the view that the fine, spread over the course of the six games, works out just over $4,000 per game, a true bargain as the officials have inexplicably swallowed their whistles at times and been far too willing to call seemingly inconsequential contact as fouls at other times. He might also ask Cleveland Coach Tyron Lue to split the tab with him, since the abysmally poor officiating in the NBA’s premier event has affected him and the Cavaliers as well.

The series moves back to California for a decisive game 7. The Warriors will be without the services of Andrew Bogut, who severely hurt his knee due to contact with Cleveland guard J.R. Smith’s tattoos, but Bogut was mostly a non-factor in the first five games, as was countryman Matthew Dellavedova of Cleveland.