Curry Tells Simmons Not in My House Aussie

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Ben Simmons cannot do it all for the Philadelphia 76ers, as they learned when they went up against NBA champions Golden State Warriors. Philly was on the west coast to play the Warriors on the Warriors’ home court.

The Warriors won by the score of 135 – 114.

The game figured an intriguing matchup between Simmons and the Warriors’ Stephen Curry, who received his first personal experience with the east coast rookie sensation. Simmons enjoys as 17 cm height advantage over Curry, but what caught Curry’s eye was not the advantage or the sheer athleticism Simmons exudes.

Asked about Simmons after the game, Curry told reporters, “He is very unorthodox with how he gets his shots up. We saw it on film, but it takes you a little bit off guard at first because he’s a lefty that likes to shoot that little right-handed hook and floater so for defenders guarding him you have to adjust to that.”

The 76ers trailed by just one point at halftime, so it was obvious to the Warriors that this was not the same Philadelphia side that won only 28 games last season. Those 28 wins, however, represented a move in the right direction, as they managed without Simmons. The three years’ prior, the 76ers won a combined total of 47 games, which even if done in one year, would not have gotten them into the playoffs.

As Golden State has been doing for some time, when the game gets close, they tighten up defensively and begin to bury other teams with some of the most accurate three point shooting the league has ever seen since the three-point shoot was inaugurated by the NBA in 1979.

The Warriors lead the league from long range in the current season. They made 51.9 percent of their attempts in the game against Philadelphia. In the NBA, anything above 40 percent is considered exceptional.

Simmons was cold to start the night, missing his first five attempts, but he got on track in the second quarter and finished the game with 13 points, eight assists and five rebound.