Daniel Ricciardo Expresses Frustration with Red Bull

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The new and improved Renault power plant that Renault supplied to Team Red Bull drive Daniel Ricciardo may have made the F1 driver faster, which seemingly has sped up the rate at which his support team can make critical strategic mistakes that cause him to lose races.

The Spanish and Monaco Grand Prixes self-inflicted losses have the driver threatening to jump to Ferrari, although Red Bull claims to have Ricciardo under contract for 2017.

As the team prepares for the Canadian Grand Prix, it is hoped that Ricciardo can avoid another misfortune, perhaps misplacing his car keys, or something to that extent, since it would be hardly more improbable than the faux paus that hurt the effort in the prior races.

The spectre of a Ricciardo departure evokes a sense of the melodramatic, as Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel might not take kindly to again partnering with the driver who cost him intra-team honours when the two last worked alongside at Red Bull in 2014.

The vicissitudes of F1 racing are many, as anyone can see. If it is not the driver, it is the car, if it is not the car, it is the pit crew, etc. At this point, it would have to be hoped that if Ricciardo does jump sides, he can remember where he left his car in the car park.