Daw Breaks Hip and Seriously Injures Pelvis Falling from Bolte Bridge

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If you think falling off a horse can hurt you, you will naturally want to avoid falling off a bridge, even if said bridge is not as high as a horse.

That advice comes from those of us who have attained an age where falling of any kind in not an option. Even if the fall was missing the last stair or miscalculating the precise location of our old man’s recliner.

None of that is intended to make light of the injuries suffered by North Melbourne’s Majak Daw. He will require surgery for a broken hip.

Simply writing the words broken hip pains us, as we are rapidly approaching that phase of life where broken hip can be written with the alternate spelling, death.

Kangaroos’ chairman Ben Buckley confirmed suspicions that Daw’s fall was no laughing matter, saying that Daw had suffered, “serious injuries to his hips and pelvic regions.”

“Majak is currently recovering in hospital after an incident last night. Majak sustained very serious injuries to his hips and pelvic region,” Buckley said at Arden Street.“He’s currently in a stable condition and is expected to be operated on in the next few days.Our primary concern is his mental and physical health and wellbeing.The club is providing full and ongoing support for Majak and his family and also the players and the wider club community.We’d like to thank everyone for their messages of concern and support for Majak.”

Daw fell from Bolte Bridge on Monday night and had to be pulled out of the Yarra River.

The Bolte Bridge is no less than 25 metres above the water, a distance that could have killed him.

Daw had a breakout season for the Roos in 2018 and was ranked as the fourth best defender in the AFL competition. It had been anticipated that he would return to the Kangaroos for training in January of 2019 and he was already rehabilitating from off-season surgery to address his fractured foot.