Dellavedova Future with Milwaukee Bucks Appears Short-Lived

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The future is difficult to predict and it is certain that when he took the offer of big money to leave a perennial championship contender for a shot at more playing time, Aussie NBA player Mathew Dellavedova did not see events with the Milwaukee Bucks playing out as they seem to be.

Delly left the Cleveland Cavaliers to sign a four-year deal with Milwaukee that pays him almost $US 10 million per season.

The problem is that his play in the 2017 – 2018 NBA season is not $10 million play.

It is not that he has been bad, although his production, especially his three-point shooting is a bit off; it is simply that the Bucks have too many point guards and Dellavedova’s floor time has been limited during the early stages of the season.

That reality has been compounded by the Bucks’ acquisition of Eric Bledsoe, who publicly stated that he “didn’t wanna be” in Phoenix anymore, playing for a Suns squad that has continued to dwell on the lower rungs of the NBA’s Western Conference ladder. The Suns have won only four games, better than only the woeful Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings.

Bledsoe, ironically known as the “mini LeBron” to some, comes to the Bucks and will likely be the number two point guard behind emerging rooking Malcolm Brogdon, who moved ahead of Dellavedova for the starting point guard job.

The Suns got rid of a troublemaker and received high draft picks for the next several years, but the arrival of Bledsoe could leave the Bucks in a difficult position of paying Delly a lot of money to play limited minutes.

Bucks’ Coach Jason Kidd really has no choice other than to move Delly down to the third string, which tends to make it look as though they will explore ways to offload his salary in order for the Bucks to have enough left in the bank to pay Jabari Parker what figures to be a lavish deal to retain him beyond 2018.