Dellavedova Hot Commodity for Struggling NBA Teams

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Matthew Dellavedova has expressed a desire to stay with the NBA World Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, and not to imply anything negative toward Delly, but Bob Dylan said it best when he said, “You just want to be on the side that’s winnin’.”

Nothing whatsoever wrong with wanting to play on a top team and sports history is replete with many examples of athletes turning down lucrative offers from bottom dwellers and rising teams in order to avoid years of patience-sapping losses.

Dellavedova, apparently sated from the more or less constant hoopla the City of Cleveland lavished on the team that ended Cleveland’s 50-year championship drought, has returned to Melbourne in order to gain a faraway perspective on his future.

The Detroit Pistons are one team seeking his services and is reportedly waving $10 million U.S. in his direction. It could be interesting to see him join Detroit as the Pistons could also use a jolt to revive their crumbling City of Detroit.

Another city that has fallen on tough time of late is Milwaukee and the Bucks franchise would likely match any offer the Pistons would make.

What remains to be seen is how much the desire to play a limited role for a winner counts against the big money potential, along with how far the Cavaliers are willing to extend themselves to hold onto Dellavedova, since they could consider him expendable, given the upside potential of Kyrie Irving for years to come.