Delly Showing Good Early Form in NBA Debut with Bucks

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Matthew Dellavedova, the former spear carrier in Cleveland for LeBron James, has high expectations heaped on him in Milwaukee, where he was lured by the Bucks during the offseason for a substantial increase in pay compared to what he was receiving from the Cavaliers, who are spending nearly $31 million on James this season, divided equally betwixt James and his ego.

Dellavedova, incidentally, ranks number 102 on the NBA salary list, his $9.6 million putting him 15 spots behind Andrew Bogut, who jumped from the Golden State Warriors to the Dallas Mavericks for a little over $11 million.

It requires going down the list to the 375th ranked player before finding a salary of less than $1 million per annum. Of the 423 players under contract in the NBA, no one makes less than Richard Solomon of the Atlanta Hawks, who has to be content with $543,471.

At any rate, Dellavedova got off to a nice start in his debut in a Bucks uniform when he took to the floor for his first pre-season game. He played 24 minutes off the bench, scoring 11 points and handing out six assists.

There are still approximately three weeks before the games start to count, but it seems as though Delly is more than ready to pick up where he left off.