Demetrious Johnson Considered Best Pound-for Pound MMA Fighter

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The top ranked competitor of the UFC, get ready for it, is not Conor McGregor, although McGregor may have a word or two along those lines. Or, 20,000 words, most likely.

But, pound-for-pound, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has the higher rating.

In Kansas City last month, Johnson posted his 10th UFC title defense, which is a record tying effort for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Johnson competes in the flyweight division, but he lacks the marquee power of McGregor, and he could use a boost to his marketing efforts if he is ever going to command the types of gates McGregor considers routine.

Experts of the competition frequently mention Johnson in Greatest of All Time (GOAT) discussions, and he recently decided to become more vocal about the lack of attention he receives, as the likes of McGregor and even has-been Ronda Rousey receive far more publicity.

In a quote that perhaps Johnson thought might help him in the eyes of the public, Johnson said, “It goes back and forth man. MMA has the rudest, most negative, dumbest, ignorant fans in the world-but it also has the most passionate fans in the world.”

He has ignored suggestions that he put on weight in order to move up to McGregor’s lightweight and welterweight classes.