Desperate Washington Redskins Pass on Colin Kaepernick

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Taking a stand by taking a knee continues to haunt NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as he was most lately snubbed by the Washington Redskins, a team so desperate that they have brought in Mark Sanchez to play quarterback after losing Alex Smith for the season to a broken leg, only to see journeyman Colt McCoy go down to injury.

The entire scenario smacks of an irony that is delicious, but hard to truly comprehend.

Smith was a very capable quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, but was run out of town after a 13 – 3 season to be replaced by Kaepernick.

Smith went to Kansas City, where he was exceptional in leading a resurrection by the Chiefs, but he was again shown the exit when the Chiefs obtained prohibitive favourite Rookie of the Year and potential MVP quarterback Pat Mahomes.

Mr. Smith went to Washington and had the Redskins well positioned for post-season play before breaking his leg in a game against the Houston Texans on 18 November.

If Washington chooses to get rid of the 34-year-old Smith, he will have to be wheeled out of town and on top of the two broken bones in his leg, he is now dealing with a post-surgery infection that in a worst-case scenario, could lead to amputation.

The prevailing thought is that Kaerpernick is a marked man, with the owners of all 32 NFL clubs apparently in collusion to prevent him from ever playing again in the NFL.

That is a bit difficult to swallow, as the group of owners is an independent bunch and will often do things simply to stroke their own egos at the expense of one of the others.

There is ample precedent for controversial players finding jobs with other NFL clubs after a fall from grace of one sort or another.

The bottom line is that someone with the correct degree of talent can receive absolution and Kaepernick’s might simply be a case of no club thinking his abilities are adequate.

Kaepernick has a relatively pedestrian record of 72 touchdown passes and 30 interceptions for his career, but he was an exciting player to watch, as he was undoubtedly the best running quarterback, able to change a game’s dynamics with his legs.