Dismissed Manly Coach Barrett Claims Credit for Team’s Resurgence

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The Manly Sea Eagles are doing all right in the Telstra 2019 NRL Premiership competition, thanks to an article we wrote about them when they were doing poorly saying that they would eventually do better.

It was mere coincidence that we penned those words near the conclusion of last season, when Manly were one spot clear of spoon territory.

We did not call for the dismissal of Trent Barrett as the main coach of the Eagles, there were plenty of peasants armed with pitchforks and torches carrying the “Barrett Has To Go” banner, but it was the nobles in Manly headquarters who replaced Barrett with Des Hasler, as it was obvious that Barrett had lost the support of the players and members.

Hasler has managed to lift the Eagles, in as much as we are able to grant such power to any coach, to fifth in this year’s race.

Manly are breathing hot air on the heels of South Sydney and could possibly secure a top four finish, provided they take care of the New Zealand Warriors in Round 21 and Melbourne provides the expected dismissal of the Rabbitohs in the round.

Barrett, seeking to polish his resume as he looks for a football job, as Manly are done paying him, claimed in the Daily Telegraph that his efforts played some role in the success the club has enjoyed this season.

“I’d actually like to think I left them well-educated,” Barrett said.

Perhaps he did exactly that, focusing on such important matters as learning to lose gracefully.

Word of advice to Mr. Barrett.

It is hard to find a job when claiming that a former bottom dweller has now risen due to your efforts.

More than one coach has been let go for a team’s lack of performance and more than a few have accepted the humbling and returned to enjoy success.

Down that path lies redemption.