Dockers Leading AFL in Off-Field Infractions

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‘Tis the season for off-field folly, Fa, La, La, La, La, etc.

Unfortunately, the folly going on in the environs of the Fremantle Dockers football club is not of the jolly sort.

Star recruit Harley Bennell had his car impounded when the constabulary discovered that he was driving without a license. Those of us who appreciate irony can only speculate on how glorious it would have been if Harley had been apprehended driving a Harley, Davidson, that is.

Shane Yarran and Michael Johnson have also found themselves on the “naughty” list and in Yarran’s case; he was on the list not just but once, but also on the second check as well.

He was charged by police for an incident in a pub brawl in 2015, where he unlawfully wounded a man, yet the Dockers drafted him regardless a few months later. Then, last month, another charge of aggravated assault found him in November.

Michael Johnson’s assault charge was the result of a dispute in a kebab shop. Perhaps some disrespectful patron shished Johnson’s kebab, causing Johnson to jab the unruly diner in the schnooz.

Unlike the draconian disciplinarians in the NFL, however, the Dockers do not plan to impose any punishment on the wrongdoers until the civil authorities have adjudicated the matter in early 2017.