Dyson Heppel Now Commentating Slap In Face For AFO

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Is it just us, or does the announcement that Bomber star Dyson Heppel picking up a cushy job as a commentator after being banned for doping is a slap in the face of AFL authorities?

Instead of a penalty, Heppel’s role feels more like a paid sabbatical.

We ink-stained scribes would freely admit to using banned substances whilst writing if we could be punished by being sent to Hawaii for a few weeks of rehab. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a list of banned Writing Enhancing Substances (WES), no agency to regulate writers, and to the best of our knowledge, no post-writing urine tests.

Heppel will be a regular guest on Fox Footy’s AFL 360 program during the 2016 season, appearing every Thursday night.

Whilst we are not hard-liners who advocate for life-time bans for dopers, especially given that the substance use for which the Dons 34 were suspended did not seem to be particularly effective, putting Heppel’s face on the telly week-in week-out sends the wrong message.

Hopefully, he will be able to avoid any semblance of smugness in his words or his facial expressions.

Winking at the camera is another thing he should avoid.