Essendon Bomber Supplement Saga Slogs Into Next Phase

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Watch out AFL!

The Essendon Bomber saga that commenced in 2012 seems to have new life that has attracted the scrutiny of MP Kimberly Kitching, who has thrown support behind a senate investigation of the whole sorry situation.

When the pols get involved, there will be much to be said, slowly of course, in order to drag the affair out even further. The most recent revelation is a recording wherein Coach James Hird, Chairman Paul Little, senior assistant Mark Thompson and footy boss Danny Corcoran express feelings of betrayal over their perception that the AFL pressed them to take a deal and cop a plea or face an implied threat of even greater sanctions.

Those of us who cannot shy away from irony of any kind seem to recall that the supplement that caused all the trouble was one of unproven efficacy.

Oh, well. This is the proper time of year for this sort of thing to crop up, although some may feel that the timing is a prime example of opportunism run rampant.

Former Essendon champion Tim Watson, whose son Jobe was one of the banned scheduled to return this season after serving his time last season, did not think the matter was truly settled after the ruling last year that saw implicated players banned for 12 months, but it would be nice for this blemish to be finally relegated to the annals of history.