Experienced Aussie Footballers Hope for the Best at FIFA 2018

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There is nothing like a healthy dose of optimism to boost the prospects, even if not even the best boost in the world will do much to improve the likely outcome.

The Socceroos failed to tally a point in the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil, but James Troisi is of the opinion that the experience the Australian side has from playing in major tournaments will make the Socceroos a better side in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

That is optimism at its healthiest and it could be said that if Australia does manage to gain a point, it bodes well for the future of the international fortunes of the squad.

Troisi thinks that the influence of Ange Postecoglou remains, even if, at this time or thereabouts last year, the prospects of the Aussies qualifying for Russia seemed to be just above dismal.

Winning the Asian Cup in 2015 might not be the sort of thing that provides any sort of intimidation factor when the Socceroos line up against France in Kazan early in June, but it would have to be said that going into the game without at least some glimmer of hope would be foolhardy.

It would give the Socceroos quite a boost if they were to gain a first-half draw with Les Bleus. That is as much optimism as we will permit ourselves, as we are underachievers of the sort who believe that the key to success in any given situation is to maintain low expectations.

“We’ve all been in this situation and we’ve experienced been through so much as a group and as a team so we’ve got some experienced players now and everyone’s sort of been in that situation whether its World Cup, Asian Cup, Confeds Cup,” Troisi said to reporters.

Maybe for a reality check, a friendly against France’s third XI might supply a reasonable gauge of the gap, but we have to admit that we are impressed by Troisi’s joie de vivre.