Exum Resurrected by Jazz Proving His Value

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Aussie NBA-er Dante Exum has played his way back into the good graces of the coaches and executives of the Utah Jazz and is proving his value to the playoff-bound team as a reliable back-up point guard.

Not all that long ago, he was being demoted to play for the juniors, although at the time, it was understood that the move down to the B league was intended more as a way for Exum to get some court time, from both a skills and conditioning perspective.

This is Exum’s third year in the NBA, although he missed one entire season with a knee injury, the notorious anterior cruciate ligament tear that is the bane of athletes in all sports, and he has had an up and down season that has seen him serving in a variety of roles. He was a starter at one point, benched at another, and not playing at all at yet another juncture.

In his most recent game, Exum supplied 11 points and five assists in a Jazz win over the New Orleans Pelicans in 23 minutes of court time. The game prior, he scored seven points in 14 minutes and the game immediately preceding that was an 11-point outing against the Charlotte Hornets. That is precisely the type of contributions that will secure a back-up point guard’s spot on the roster.