F1 Teams Changing Names Ahead of 2019

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Renault has announced that it wants to shorten its name for the 2019 F1 competition.

The team formerly known as Renault Sport Formula One Team now wants to be known as Renault F1 Team.

Shorter equals faster?

Was the change intended to make Daniel Ricciardo’s transition easier?

He is just now coming to grips with the necessity to start everything he says with “Le,” such as, “Where is le car parked?” and “Somebody needs to do something to get bloody Le Lewis Hamilton out of le way.”

Renault reported, with no trace of irony, that the reason for the change is to forge stronger ties between the brand and the F1 code.

The effectiveness is yet to be seen, but a step in the right direction would be for Renault to beat Le Mercedes and Le Ferrari once in a while and return to the dominance that was theirs just scant years ago.

“This new name and new logo will be assets to achieve the strategic objectives of developing Renault’s reputation and brand image through our commitment to Formula 1, while continuing to support the company’s product ranges, especially in the sports segment,” a team statement said.

Truly, Renault is a little late to the name change game, just as they are often late to the F1 finish line of late.

Ferrari will next season be known as Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow. Haas Racing will be Rich Energy Haas F1 Team and Red Bull has simplified by eliminating TAG Heuer from the name as part of their switch to Honda engines for 2019.

Force India will be known as Racing Point F1 Team, as they were never a force of any kind in the completion and never will be without a serious infusion of capital to field competitive cars with competitive drivers in the seats.