Federer Makes it Through to Semis by Swatting Zverev

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It is going to be a Swiss matchup in one of the Australian Open semifinals, as Roger Federer will play Stan Wawrinka for a spot in the final and the opportunity for tennis fans to learn which player’s game has the most holes in it.

The two men have a long history, as they have played on many occasions, as competitors, doubles partners and hitting partners.

Federer advanced to the semifinal stage by steamrolling Mischa Zverev in the quarterfinal, 6 – 1, 7 – 5, 6 – 2.

Zverev did Federer a major favour by getting Andy Murray out of the way for him. Federer did not appear to be in any mood to return the help, although he did surrender eight games to Zverev, whereas when the two last played in 2013, Federer completely blanked him.

Federer’s form seems to be at a peak, as he put on an exhibition of shots that ran the gamut of a world-class tennis player’s arsenal, with all aspects of his gaming firing on all cylinders, with precision service returns, solid volleys and a few breath taking top spin lobs.

Federer has beaten two top-10 seeded opponents to make it to this point, including Kei Nishikori and Tomas Berdych and would have faced Murray had Murray not been shocked by Zverev.