FFA Provides Top Shelf Support for Socceroos in Quest for WC Glory

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The Socceroos cannot be accused of being pikers when it comes to the topic of money spent in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament.

FFA has been on a spending spree of sorts, lavishing cash on the effort to bring better results than the previous three tournaments.

Many of the sides in the tournament will sheepishly claim that just making it to the Group stage is a worthy accomplishment, but football fans in Australia want to see fireworks, beginning with a win over the French national side on June 16.

For the past three years, Football Federation Australia has had the money tap flowing freely in all phases of preparation, including the high-tech use of special glasses meant to reduce the impact of jet lag when the Socceroos were hopping continents in their attempt to qualify for FIFA WC 2018.

Some of that investment is guaranteed, as any team that made it to the tournament will rake in a participation fee in the vicinity of $10 million just for showing up in Russia.

The investment by FFA continues, thanks to Dr. Craig Duncan, overseer of preparations designed to have the Socceroos at peak performance levels.

Duncan told the AAP, “Performance is about maximising your ability to perform well. This gives us that opportunity.”

That phrase may stick with us for some time, with a variation.

Writing is about maximising your ability to write well.

The main purpose of training in Turkey is so that the Socceroos will know what it feels like when they take the pitch in Russia, where temperatures are expected to be on the high side.

The Gloria Sports Complex where the Socceroos are camped is the recent recipient of a $100 million face-lift and serves as the facility for elite athletes of more than 50 sports codes.

The Socceroos are even using drones to supply overhead video for the purpose of analysis.

We should get one of those to inspect our typing posture and performance, but our budget is nowhere close to that of FFA and the drone might encounter some issues with our ceiling fan.