FIFA Knockout Stage to be Finalised Tomorrow

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Fourteen of the 16 slots for the Knockout Stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cups Finals have been filled.

In Group A, Uruguay is through after winning all three of its Group matches. Could we swap them for the Socceroos?

The will play Portugal. Russia was somewhat of a surprise finished second in the group and will now face Spain. Egypt and Saudi Arabia were eliminated.

Spain won Group B. They tied Portugal with five points and the irony of the draw was sublime, as the chances of the two one-time rivals for world dominance being in the same group would have been relatively slim. Spain topped the group by one goal.

Spain will play Russia, Portugal gets Uruguay and Morocco and Iran have suffered elimination.

France won Group C with relative ease and will be well rested after the back passing display they stage with Denmark in the final match of group play. Denmark will face Croatia and the Croatians are at peak enthusiasm. Goodbye to Australia and Peru.

Croatia had no trouble winning Group D and they will face Denmark in the knockout stage. This time Denmark will have to do some actual work. Argentina is out of the group to meet France, with Nigeria and Iceland out of it.

Brazil had to beat Serbia, which it did and they will play Mexico, one of the sides responsible for sending Germany home. Switzerland is through Group E courtesy of a draw with Costa Rica and will play knockout football with Sweden. Serbia and Croatia are done.

Group F was won by Sweden and will play Switzerland. Mexico has drawn Brazil after backing in when South Korea, already eliminated but playing for pride, shocked the Germans.

Group G has yet to be decided, but will be pending the outcome of Belgium and England to determine the group winner, but both are through. The other two in the group Tunisia and Panama have one more match, but they are both headed home.

Group H is likewise up in the air. Japan and Senegal are tied with four points each. Columbia can advance by beating Senegal. Both those sides could go through if Poland, in a position similar to South Korea, can beat Japan.

Eight knockout matches will determine which sides reach the quarterfinals, with the action starting on Sunday.