FIFA Tournament 2018 Groups E, F, G, H

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Resuming where we left off previously in our look at the Groups for the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament, we come to Group E.

Group E is made up of Brazil, Costa Rica, Switzerland and Serbia.

Brazil is currently the number two ranked team in the world by the FIFA rankings and it has won more World Cups, five, than any other nation of the planet. Switzerland is number six, so it would be hard to rule them out, no matter how neutral we try to be, along with the fact that we adore their army knives. Costa Rica occupies number 25 and Serbia comes in at number 35.

Brazil is the obvious choice here.

Group F is Germany (1), South Korea (61), Mexico (15) is on the rise and Sweden (23) has fallen.

Throw out South Korea and you have a very solid Group F, with Germany being the obvious choice to advance.

Group G is Belgium (3), England (13), Panama (55) and Tunisia (14).

Another strong Group, but we have to go with Belgium, Holland, the Netherlands, or whatever the country prefers to be called at this juncture in time. You can call them the Low Countries if you want.

The final Group, Group H, is made up of Columbia, Japan, Poland and Senegal. Respectively, they are ranked 16th, 60th, 10th and 28th. Other than Japan, any of the other three could make an impact outside of their Group, but Poland is six spots clear of number two Columbia, so we are predicting that they will advance and any side in the top 10 is a legitimate contender.

Given the capricious nature of the soccer gods, we do not expect our predictions to hold up any longer than it takes for play to begin, but if we were looking for a good wager, which we are not, neither do we propose that anyone follow our suggestions, we would split our funds between Germany and Brazil.