First Edition of Live Trading During AFL Draft Underwhelms

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It almost ruins the AFL draft to know that 10 of the AFL clubs will be prohibited from trading future draft picks on drat night.

As the situation unfolds, the Magpies and the Bombers, neither of which has a first round pick in the upcoming draft, will not be able to trade future selections unless they receive compensation in the form of a 2019 first round pick.

It does not seem as though the rule in question discriminates on the basis of results. Along with Collingwood and Essendon, Fremantle, North Melbourne, Gold Coast, Carlton, Adelaide, St. Kilda and Western Bulldogs will be limited to making picks when they come up in the order.

That effectively removes some of the wheelin’ and dealin’, the exact thing that makes the AFL National Draft worth following.

Then again, knowing this going in, the area of creativity assumes a larger role for any club desirous of moving up in the order of building a stockpile of picks to be used when the draft offers up top prospects.

The concept behind the restriction is to protect clubs from selling the cow for magic beans, but it is somewhat disappointing, as the 2018 AFL National Draft will be the first ever where it will be possible for clubs to trade picks live during the draft.

The Pies and the Bombers sent first round picks off during the October trade window in order for Collingwood to add Dayne Beams and Dylan Shiel to move to Essendon.

Unlike In Play betting, AFL clubs will not be able to get around the rules by phoning in a selection.

The draft is just days away, opening on Thursday evening, and will resume Friday midday. It is being held at Marvel Stadium, or the Telstra Dome, as the Melbourne venue was previously known until 2009 before becoming Etihad.

There do not seem to be any objections to holding it there, as it seems only the Sydney Opera House is sacred.