Football World Caught on Wrong Foot Over Sacking of Pochettino

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Jose Mourinho has made no secret that he wants to manage again in the English Premier League.

He has the experience and the credentials, obviously.

He seems everywhere at once of late, being seen with the right crowd, saying all the right things and no one can fault him for promoting his own cause.

Now, the question becomes, does he want another management role in the EPL if it means taking over as an early-mid-season replacement at Tottenham?

The Hot Spurs are in need of someone new and it is inconceivable that they were not considering replacements before giving the sack to Mauricio Pochettino.

The Premier League is on pause for international duties, but resumes in less than a week.

The Spurs are having a rough 2019 and have won only three matches. They are tied second for drawn matches, with five, if that counts for anything. They currently are in the 14th position and they have a positive goal differential, so this might be a club with the sort of potential Mourinho would accept as a stout challenge.

Pochettino had been linked with Man United and Read Madrid during the middle of last season, so it might be okay to speculate that he had one foot in the doorway and one foot on the path and from all appearances, he did not seem committed to Tottenham.

Enter Mourinho.

He tops Tottenham’s wish list.

Along with Pochettino, Tottenham cleared the decks of assistants Jesus Perez, Toni Jimenez and Miguel D’Agostino.

There should now be ample parking in North London.

The rumour mill, which is to say, sources, expect Mourinho to meet with Tottenham, with further mongering to the effect that Mourinho is eager to reach an agreement to take over.

Tottenham was good under Pochettino, guiding the club to the Premier League finals over the past four seasons.

This season has seen them plummet.

Several Spur’s players gave Pochettino positive eulogies, but stopped well short of demanding he be retained.