Former AFL Players Remain Forever Young by Joining Coaching Ranks

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Career decisions following a career on the grounds as a footy player in the AFL can be fraught with peril, if you will excuse our straying slightly into the realm of hyperbole. Life outside the game is occasionally challenging for those accustomed to deferential treatment might me a more realistic assessment.

There are only so many related jobs to be had in a field where What Have You Done for Me Lately seems to be the main operating principle.

Going back to the regular workforce amongst the unwashed masses is obviously a fate lacking appeal for formerly pampered superstars, or even the journeymen and fringers.

The role of commentator seems to have a tilt toward the supply far exceeding demand side of the equation.

For a lucky few who have hung up the boots and left the ground for the last time, coaching has come to the rescue.

Ben McGlynn, just weeks after announcing his retirement following 11 seasons and 171 games for the Hawks and the Swans, is going to the box as an assistant coach with the Saints. The 31-year-old former forward will mentor young Saints players.

Former Lion skipper Jed Adcock will fulfill a role with his old side, although that role has yet to be codified.
Others to join the tenuous role of a footy coach will be Corey Enright, Nathan Van Berlo, Andrew Walker and several others.