Gaelic Football Legend Staunton Comes to AFLW with SPF 75

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A recent example of code hopping comes in the form of Cora Staunton, a Gaelic football legend from Ireland, who hopes to enjoy a renaissance of sorts when she joins the Greater Western Sydney Giants for some Aussie-style footy in the AFLW.

Staunton is 36 years of age and has been named to Ireland’s All-Star squad 11 times. She began playing for county Mayor in 1995, when she was just 13 years of age. She is hoping to have some degree of anonymity is Australia as she focuses on learning a new code, but the Aussie journos will waste little time in ferreting out details of every sort about the Irish star.

At home, I’m expected to be the top scorer in every game, so this will be different and there’ll be less pressure on me,” Staunton said.

“The last two months I’ve made the news and the papers in Ireland. Every week there’s been something about me coming to Australia in the media, but the reaction has been really positive.”There’s a little bit of a concern [back home] that the best female footballers might start leaving to come out and play here, but I don’t think that will be an issue.”

The Irish are like vampires and must avoid the sun at all costs. There is nothing more unnerving to encounter than an Irelander who has been exposed to more than 15 minutes of Oz sun, as they tend to crisp rather violently.

Staunton got interested in Aussie footy when she was in, of all places, China, doing promo work for Gaelic football in an attempt to grow Asian interest in the game.

Judging from pictures and video of Staunton playing Gaelic football,it is hoped that she will be able to pick up the AFL game without leaving too many mangled corpses in her wake, as she does not seem the sort to shun opportunities to mix it up on the ground, despite her advanced years.