Garcia Detractor Ogle No Fan Of Masters Champ Demeanour

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And so, it begins.

Less than two full days following Sergio Garcia’s Major drought-ending win in the 2017 Masters, the trolls are out in force, claiming that his golf ball moved following a drop from an unplayable lie necessitated by Garcia’s errant drive.

Once again is was golf’s Byzantine stickling to niggling rules that caused a television viewer to call Augusta officials and claim that Garcia moved the ball fractionally when he was moving some pine needles near the ball.

Officials at Augusta had a look at the extreme close up views afforded by CBS network television coverage and concluded that the ball did not move.

If Garcia’s actions did indeed cause the ball to move, according the rules of golf, he should have incurred an additional stroke penalty.

We are all in favour of adhering to the rules, but it would seem as though a bit of common sense is in order. Perhaps his ball did move, even if imperceptibly to the officials, who had the same video evidence as did the home television viewers, but the spirit of the rule at least carries the implication that moving the ball was done with the intention of gaining some sort of advantage, unlike a blatant foot-wedge some of us hackers have been known to at times employ when beyond the scrutiny of our playing partners.