Good Deed Doer Lionel Messi Wanted Positive Story Hushed

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Lionel Messi was not pleased that his gesture of paying the back wages of security workers of the Argentine team was revealed to the media by journalist Juan Palo Varsky.

Varsky recounts an incident where the security workers approached Messi in his waiting room ahead of the World Cup qualifying game against Brazil in Belo Horizonte to detail the complicated situation that had resulted in their not being paid for close to half a year.

The security staff was hoping to have Messi put in a word for them in his role as captain of the team, but Messi instead put in a call to his father and instructed him to pay the staff the wages in arrears from Messi’s personal account.

Varsky risked Messi’s fury because the Barcelona superstar prefers to keep this sort of thing quiet. Messi is known to be at odds with the media at times, such as when he disagreed with the manner in which his teammate Ezequiel Lavezzi was being treated by the media.

It would seem, for the media, a case of Cannot Win For Losing, as Messi is mercurial in his response to both positive and negative coverage, such as altruism on his part in the once case, or money related stories of his contracts or his tax controversies.