Grid Girls on Way out of F1 Grid Guys Failed to Impress

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Political correctness is not always as pejorative as it is typically viewed and there are other forms of well-intentioned correctness applicable to just about anything, but recent news coming out of the F1 series has received far more attention than it deserves.

Along with all that, it is impossible to step out on the street without someone being offended by something, so it is often wondered what can be done to make the chronically unhappy happy when to them, happiness is a mere illusion and the simple thought that someone, somewhere, might be having a good time of any kind is enough to elicit hand-wringing of major proportions.

The honchos at F1 headquarters, despite having plenty to do with setting up the racing for 2018, now have to use the offseason to ponder the future of grid girls.

According to Ross Brawn, managing director of motorsport, the issue of having or abolishing grid girls is a, “delicate topic,” and is “under strong review.”

Some critics of the traditions that started out in the 1960s use the politically incorrect terms, “outdated” and “tarty nonsense, apparently oblivious to the effect their mean words have on time and tarts. Pastry deserves to be respected just as much as any other food group.

The Formula 1 people tried replacing grid girls with male models at the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix. That move was not greeted with the enthusiasm that might have been expected.

“We’re trying to respect all parties,” Brawn told BBC Radio 5 live.

We ourselves do not personally recall any incidents where we were disrespectful to parties, although we may have mildly favoured birthday parties over other types.

F1 has a new chief executive, Chase Carrey weighed in. He said, without any trace of tongue-in-cheek, “There’s a lot of people respect the tradition of the grid girls and there’s people who feel that it has become a bit dated, so we’re addressing that.”

“On the list of things I have been dealing with, grid girls wasn’t really up there on top, with all respect,” Carey said.

If it would not be disrespectful, could we just have some robots to hold the umbrellas? Okay, so long as no one sprays post-race champagne on them.