GWS Player Lachie Whitfield Requires Emergency Appendectomy

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The Greater Western Sydney Giants seem to be having some misfortune in the lead-up to their preliminary final matchup with the Collingwood Magpies.

If the task of facing the Pies in the hostile MCG home ground of Collingwood were not already tall enough, the absence of Lachie Whitfield just makes it all the taller.

Coach Leon Cameron reported that the star Giants midfielder was hospitalised with appendicitis.

Whitfield had surgery to remove the unruly organ and will miss the game with Collingwood.

The shock of all this is that Cameron expressed hope that Whitfield would be available for the Grand Final if the Giants were to beat the Magpies.

Pardon the pun, but it would take guts to play footy a little over two weeks removed from surgery.

The Giants are already missing Toby Greene, the victim of a controversial suspension for unreasonable contact to the eye region of Brisbane’s Lachie Neale. This, despite Neale’s saying there was not contact.

We can hear the Victorianconspiracy theorists howling all the way to Cairns. The Giants have lodged an appeal and the hearing is to follow shortly.

Would it be fair to say the AFL wants nothing other than a Richmond – Collingwood Grand Final?

There is no solid evidence and it is too early to rule out Geelong, but it would be an upset for the Cats to win.

Back to Whitfield, Cameron told the media, “We’re confident it will just be one week. He obviously can’t play this weekend but we’ll be doing everything in our power to win this weekend and give him the opportunity to return if we progress.”

The Giants may beat Collingwood. Whitfield might make a return.

None of those scenarios seems likely and were we Whitfield, we would say thank you very much, see you next season.

Might there be a map of human anatomy in the changing room of one of the Victorian clubs showing the precise location of an appendix scar? If the bookies were to have a market for a Richmond of Collingwood elbow making contact with the tender region of the midfielder’s midsection, the odds would be astronomically low.