Hasler Done at Dogs but None the Poorer for the Experience

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Des Hasler may have lost his job as Head Coach of the Canterbury Bulldogs, but he was seen walking down the street, not laughing, necessarily, but with an optimistic look on his face as he headed to the bank to deposit his severance fee, which is estimated to be in the suburb of $600,000.

That should tide him over, at least for a bit and it is widely thought that Hasler will soon have gainful employment before long that will pay far more than he was taking in standing outside the Dogs Belmore facility with a “Will Coach Rugby for Food” sign prominently displayed. Sympathizers were handing him tenners and not even asking for change.

Should Hasler want to continue coaching, which is anyone’s guess, he could take over the opening that the Gold Coast Titans are seeking to fill. If it waswe and someone bestowed us with $600,000, this article you are reading would end now. Actually, it would end for well below, and we mean well below, $600,000.

Since that is about as likely as the Titans filling in at this year’s NRL Grand Final, we are compelled to inform any and all that one intriguing prospect open to Hasler would be to take over the NSW Blues, although if we were Hasler, we would be loath to abandon one losing proposition for another. We do not take impossible challenges lightly; we simply avoid them altogether.

As recently as April the Dogs claimed that Hasler had been extended through 2019, extended that is, until Dogs Chairman Ray Dib said that the Dogs had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they prolonged Hasler, or as it might be said in more contractual language, the deal was “non-binding.”

No NRL coach, it seems, is more than one loss away from an appointment with the headman and the Dogs have been badly mistreated since they crashed out of the finals last year and finished three slots south of the finals in 2017.