Hawks and Swans Beginning to Take Flight in 2017 AFL Competition

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Well, it was the Brisbane Lions after all, but to the Hawthorn Hawks, at this juncture, a win is a win, so their 113 – 75 victory over the Lions, in a game played in Launceston, was their third in their last four matches, so those who left them for dead after they started the 2017 Toyota AFL Premiership competition in complete disarray have to admit that the resuscitative efforts have been effective.

The Hawks have managed to avoid the third and fourth quarter collapses that have plague them during the early stages of the season. They now have three wins to their credit.

They have the Magpies next week, followed by the Swans and Port, and then they tour Gold Coast for a meeting with the Suns.

Port would seem to be the biggest challenge, but the Power has been slipping a bit of late. The Swans are unpredictable and had a bad start to the season, just as did the Hawks, but they have shown signs of abandoning their somnambulance with wins over the Lions and North Melbourne, so they find themselves in a position very similar to the Hawks.

Now, if someone could figure out how to restore the Geelong Cats that have surrendered three straight to the Magpies, the Suns and the Bombers, some semblance of normalcy could be returned to the AFL.