Hayne Heading Back to San Francisco Soon

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Jarryd Hayne’s prospects of sticking with the NFL apparently hinge on how he is perceived by the San Francisco 49ers new coach, Chip Kelly.

Kelly’s perception is fodder for speculation only at this point, since NFL rules prohibit him from speaking to players on his new team until April when organised team activities are permitted to begin.

Hayne gave up more money in the NRL to chase NFL stardom based on his belief that he could secure lucrative endorsements from sponsors eager to capitalise on the novelty of a rugby player making good in the NFL. He could very well be onto something. It is not uncommon for NFL players, already earning millions in salary, to equal those salaries as paid spokesmen for all manner of concerns.

Hayne has been trying to squash reports that the NRL, this time in the form of the Sydney Roosters, were trying to get in the queue for Hayne’s services should he decide to chuck his NFL dream.

He has been training in Redfern ahead of returning to the U.S., focusing on strength, speed and agility. When he gets back to San Francisco, he will add training specifically targeted at skills favoured by the NFL game.