Hayne Hopping Mad at Media Suggestions Regarding Fine

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Jarryd Hayne seems to be lifting a page from the playbook of U.S. President Donald Trump, blaming the media for his recent travails that saw the Gold Coast Titans levy a fine against him for his lackluster approach to training.

Hayne denied reports that lack of effort was the cause of the fine, but it seems as though the pressure is mounting on the marquee player to prove that his dalliance with NFL professional gridiron and sevens rugby will in no way detract from the Titans’ marquee player’s performance as he faces his first full home and away season in the NRL in several years.

Like Trump, Hayne used the social media platform Twitter to outline his grievances, because as a man of few words, the 140-character limit does not bother him in the slightest. If he runs out of space, he can simply launch a new tweet.

Hayne claims that the fine was the result of his seeking treatment in Sydney for a knee ailment without the express consent of the coach, but press reports claim that Hayne had missed a Parramatta fixture in order to attend a concert.

Hayne packed on some extra kilos during the offseason and was told to loss four or five of those, and he was mainly ineffective in a round one loss to the Roosters.