Hayne-less Gold Coast Titans Willing to Pay to Play

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Critics could lament, but supporters could claim that the huge sums the Gold Coast Titans are tossing around will eventually, someday, maybe, give them a NRL franchise that can do better than the 15thposition they occupy on the current Telstra 2018 NRL Premiership competition ladder.

The Titans have considerable money tied up in their forward pack, the sort of money that one would think deserves better than the -96 point-differential that stares out at the club when it looks in the mirror during the morning shave.

That is a metaphor, obviously, since a club does not need to shave, but the point is valid, that the Warriors are doing everything in their power short of winning on the ground to raise themselves.

There are some deficiencies in the backline, but Gold Coast was not built in a day.

Expert journo Brent Read said on NRL Tonight, “It’s amazing the amount of money they’ve thrust into that forward pack. If they can keep it all together and find some backs to top it off they’ll have a decent team next year.”

Jarrod Wallace may find one of the other clubs willing to enrich him to a greater degree, so the Titans could lose him, but they have designs of making a titanic offer to Shannon Boyd of the Canberra Raiders.

They may still pursue Boyd despite the fact that they recently locked Wallace up for another four years.

“I’m really glad the club has the faith in me to sign me for four years,” Wallace said after inking his new contract.I know that’s a big deal. I’m really excited to pay back the gratitude that I owe them.

Gratitude and professional sports make strange bedfellows, but if Wallace proves a sound investment, it would be difficult to dispute that the reported $2.5 million Gold Coast lavished on him was a poor investment, especially if they can at least get a sniff of playing finals this year and finish in the top eight in 2019.