Hayne Rumour Mill in Full Display Gold Coast in the Dark

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The worst kept secret in the NRL is that Jarryd Hayne has a handshake agreement to return to where it all began for him, the Parramatta Eels, but he is planning on waiting to inform the Gold Coast Titans until December.

If you happen to see anyone from the Titans’ club, mum’s the word.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the reasoning behind the move is that Hayne can continue to receive a pay packet from the Titans until the officially grant him his release.

Gold Coast spent lavishly on Hayne when he abandoned his attempt at playing in the NFL, where he had little hope of ever making a major mark, but we should mention that since Hayne left the San Francisco 49ers, that club’s fortunes have taken a turn for the worse by any measure.

Hayne’s financial move might seem like a penny-wise-pound-foolish maneuver, but the Titans owe him $90,000 for November and December.

For the moment, he is spending his time with the Fiji side as part of the Rugby World Cup competition before taking a short holiday.

Hayne, despite seeming at times to be rudderless, is simply fine when it comes to finances. Parramatta will not pay him until the last possible moment and continues to refuse to comment on the situation, meaning that for all they know, Hayne might decide to take a stab at tennis or cricket. Hayne himself has publicly denied that he will leave Gold Coast, although he has made no secret of his desire to run out the clock with the Eels.

He might want to hold onto the $180,000 he is due from the Titans. Even though he is just 29 and will turn 30 just before the 2018 NRL Premiership competition, he was not the saviour Gold Coast thought they were getting when they outbid the rest of the NRL for his services.

There is also a chance that Hayne could listen to overtures from the GWS Giants to play Australian Rules, as they did in 2009.