HMS Cricket Australia Floundering on the Rocks

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Cricket Australia seems intent of fixing the mess, even if it not by finding better players, but by firing executives.

Maybe the whole lot should go in a clean sweep, but who would be left to swing the axe?

The obvious choice was to get rid of the general manager of broadcasting, digital media and commercial.

That should fix things right up proper. A new TV deal, more likes of the Facebooks and maybe some billboards strategically placed should go a long way toward righting the listing ship of Australian cricket.

The women cricketers seem to be doing just fine. Maybe one of those would like to venture into the labyrinth of revolving doors that is CA headquarters.

Pat Howard, the high performance manager, had announced his intent to depart after next year’s Ashes, but he will have free time to dust off his CV and immediately begin looking for a new situation.

Ben Amarfio, the head of the broadcast arm, was escorted off the property.

The list of dearly departed continues to expand.

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland: Gone.

CA Chairman David Peever: Gone.

CA Director Mark Taylor: Gone.

Some would claim that the precipitating incident was Cameron Bancroft taking sandpaper to the ball in a lost cause in Cape Town, but the certain thing is that the incident cost Steve Smith the captaincy and a year’s worth of pitch time, along with David Warner, both of whom were reduced to playing sideshow cricket in Caribbean paradise.

Somehow, security head Sean Carroll, who oversees the anti-corruption program for CA, somehow remained above the fray, and was called to evict Amarfio from his office.

Amarfio’s department will be renamed the “fan engagement” department and the department will be supervised by former BBL boss Anthony Everard.

That should set all in order, but it will be interesting to see how long Everard remains ‘ard.

Anything that restores the sanctity of the old expression, “That’s not cricket” would be welcome, but it would be more welcome to see fewer whitewashes at the hands of other countries.