Hope Springs Eternal Broncos V Panthers

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The Vegas wise guys have the Carolina Panthers as six-point favourites over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50, but Aussie punters who are quick on the draw can find 4.5-point margins from some of the online bookmakers.

With 10 days until Super Bowl Sunday, er, Super Bowl Monday in some parts, the hype machine is in full swing in the U.S.

Denver boosters, many of whom are still reeling mentally from the debacle of Super Bowl 48, where the Seahawks spanked the Denver team so thoroughly that the contest, if not completely and convincingly decided in the first half, was far beyond any hope of a Bronco comeback as soon as the Bronco special team squad kicked off to start the second half, and then stood around watching as Seattle’s Percy Harvin jogged untouched 95 yards for a touchdown.

Now, Broncos supporters have pinned their hopes on the recently announced decision that the Broncos will wear their all-white uniforms for the Super Bowl, their logic being that when Denver won the Super Bowl in 1998, they were wearing the same all-white uniforms, so they are assured of a win this time.

The Carolina side has not been hype-immune, either, although it does seem more muted. Carolina Coach Ron Rivera has spoken about the camaraderie and selflessness of his group of 53 mercenaries, when in fact player loyalty extends no further than their next contract.