Huge Paychecks No Guarantee of NFL Productivity

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Tales of unfulfilled expectations and unlimited potential squandered are a key aspect of all sports, but the NFL seems to regularly supply players who have fallen precipitously on hard times when it seemed as though they were destined for glory.

Here are a few from the 2016 season as the NFL 32 teams vying for playoff glory prepare to wrap up the regular season. Some are headed for a spell, most in fact, but some will prepare to pursue Super Bowl glory.

One of the biggest busts of the season would have to be Brock Osweiler, although to be fair, the only reason any weight was placed on his shoulders was the size of his $72 million four-year contract with the Houston Texans. The untested bolter from Denver ranks near the bottom of the league in passing yards per game and his yards per completion has been as low as dead last.

On the other side of the ball, his being a case of age exacting its toll, is cornerback Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets. At one point in his earlier days, he was considered one of the premier cover corners of all-time, earning him the nickname Revis Island. He is now near the bottom in the league rankings and might be compelled to change position to safety in order to squeeze another year or two out of his 31-year-old legs.