Ibrahimovic Discovers Elixir of Life After Joining Man United

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is hardly a household name, fortunate for us writers, but he has ascended in the sport of soccer to the degree than every time he makes an appearance, he establishes a new record of one kind or another.

Still going strong at 35 years of age, the guy we mentioned in our lead paragraph has proven himself to be the Premier League’s most durable of all time, whilst in the bargain exceeding the scoring records of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has become both the keystone and the primary cog in the Manchester United machine and has left his critics with no alternative other than to button their lips or join the chorus.

The truly remarkable statistic in Ibrahimovic’s accomplishments is that he has truly upped the intensity after turning 30, scoring 246 goals in 300 games. It almost seems that opposing keepers are standing aside when they see the ball on his foot.

Prior to turning 30, he could only count 232 goals in 529 games. It is as though he has discovered the elusive fountain of youth and hopes only that the Premier League does not ban the elixir that has added vigour to the legs of an aging striker. As recently as mid-February of 2017, he recorded his 17th career hat trick, at an age where most of us would be content to simply be able to locate our hats.