Iconic Ford Mustang to Make Supercars Debut in 2019 Chevy Camaro to Follow

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General Motors is the 500 kg gorilla of the automotive world and they exert heavy influence on the world of motor racing.

GM is the parent company of Holden, whose Commodore model has featured prominently for years in the Supercars Championship Series.

The car was built in Australia between 1978 and 2017, but now any sold in Australia are coming from Germany. It was last produced in Australia on 20 October 2017.

We are not car experts, but we are probably not the only ones who have noticed that all modern-day sedans, including the Commodore, bear an eerie resemblance to one another. With minor cosmetic distinctions, they all resemble the Audi A4, which is not a bad thing.

Could they get Fast and Furious Vin Diesel to do the driving?

The Camaro is licensed for importation into Australia by Holden Special Vehicles. They would have to convert the cars to right-hand-drive and it would be up to racing teams to convert the cars to Supercars racing specifications.

Walkinshaw Andretti United is looking into the potential of bringing the iconic American muscle car into the Supercars competition. The Camaro was rushed to market in 1967 in response to the runaway acceptance of Ford’s Mustang, which rocked the market to the core when it debuted in April of 1964.

Walkinshaw Andretti does not seem to be in any particular hurry and does not seem to be dead set on having the Camaro for 2020, as they want to run the Commodore for one more year.

Of the aforementioned Ford Mustang, it will join the Supercars grid at the start of the 2019, so it would appear than once again, General Motors will be chasing Ford.

Aussie drivers seem to be accepting both cars and both the Mustang and the Camaro are selling well. HSV has already sold its entire allocation of Camaros and is awaiting more to come next year.