International Cricket Council Almost Unanimous in Equity Move

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In a sports world gone mad in its desire for parity and stocked by a generation of players who demand constant stroking of their self-esteem through the bestowing of awards for participation and trying their best, the global governing body of cricket, the International Cricket Council, has passed changes to the game’s structure in order to reduce the dominance of India, England and Australia.

The seismic shake-ups to the ICC’s constitution and financial structure have as a motive the desire to spread the revenues more equitably.

The changes come three years after the ICC handed the scepter of power to the “Big Three” as the world’s most powerful cricketing boards are referred to at times.

There is undoubtedly some wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of turbans in India, as the changes are estimated to carry a price tag of almost $300 million, to be divided amongst the cricketers of the backwaters of Ireland, Afghanistan and others.

Pakistan stands to see international cricket tourists return for international play for the first time since 2009.

The recent changes were approved by a vote of 13 – 1. Not surprisingly, the singular nay vote was cast by India; a clear indication that such decisions are often heavily influenced according to whose sheep is being sheared.

A few wags, not ourselves, rest assured, mentioned that it might be fair to let some of the pipsqueak countries bowl with bent elbows.