January 2020 Sports Update | Latest Racing & Sports Betting

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Here’s wishing all punters do nothing but win in 2020, with big plunges and bigger dividends such as any lingering memories from bad punts in 2019 will be erased from the balance sheet and the memory.

We think January will offer plenty of good punts, with summer in Australia being simply rotten with every imaginable cricket fixture anyone who enjoys bowls and wickets could desire.

The Test series with New Zealand is the first big thing on offer during the first month of the New Year. There will be an ODI tour of India in the middle of the month, so there are certain to be plenty of punting opportunities right there. The IPL and BBL leagues are ripe markets for those who want to know sooner, rather than later, if their analysis and instincts are trustworthy and there are still Sheffield Shield matches to consider. Of course, cricket spans the globe, so if the domestic and international scenes on offer in Australia do not suffice, there are other options for punting.

There is no Group 1 Thoroughbred racing during January in Australia, but there are always racing punts to be had domestically and internationally, in all the racing codes.

Much the same can be said of soccer. The A-League offers the top domestic action, while the EPL and other European leagues ensure that hardly a day goes by without a chance to have football punts galore.

Punters who are interested in promotions might want to scour the web pages of the online bookies, as January is the prime month for wagering on professional American gridiron. There is still a national champion to be determined at the collegiate level, so the betting pool will be tall, deep and wide. The NFL playoffs hold a lot of appeal for punters around the world, with the month of January being devoted to winnowing the 12 playoff-bound teams down to the final two to play the Super Bowl early in February.

Domestic and international professional basketball has much to offer. The NBL is right in the midst of the season, as is the NBA and many of the European and Asian leagues. Given the level of popularity basketball enjoys in Australia, punters will find plenty of markets and plenty of offers from the still-large selection of Australian bookmaking agencies.

The NRL and the AFL are quiet, so far as actual fixtures, but a couple months ahead of the 2020 seasons find futures markets open, supplying an opportunity to get a nice price on various premiership markets before the actual games start and the odds shift to reflect the results of NRL and AFL clubs.

Our recent visits to Australian bookmaker websites have demonstrated that the competition between the bookmakers for punter money has not in any way abated, we even saw a darts match with 29 markets.

Those of the younger set will want to look at the exploding eSports scene, especially the CS:GO – GGB Winter Cup and the DOTA2 Professional League. There are fixture and future markets virtually every day during January and the entire year for that matter. The entire realm is expanding at a rapid pace; just a few years ago, the market was confined to a few random big tournaments, but the beginning of 2020 finds markets expanding at a pace seldom seen.

However you decide to approach January and the coming year, please remember to wager responsibly and if you feel that gambling is gaining an inordinate influence over your life, there are multiple resources available to manage your punting and keep it in its rightful place.