Jarryd Hayne Still Looking for Work Possibly Rugby Union

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Jarryd Hayne, presumably with his code hopping days behind him, requested and received a parlay with Australian Rugby Union leader Bill Pulver, apparently to find the highest bidder for his return to rugby.

Hayne was without a job and scant prospects after he failed to make it in the NFL, and then could not pass muster when he attempted to join the Fiji Sevens side for the Rio Olympics.

Pulver says that a full-on assault will be made in order to sign Hayne away from the NRL ranks. Hayne did not divulge much in the way of information concerning the meeting.

Hayne’s attempt to transition from the NRL to the NFL to Sevens was a dismal failure. He went to London with the Fijian contingent for a tournament, but barely got to play, and failed in him attempt to be one of the 12 Fiji will take to Rio.

It would seem as though League is in the lead for his services, but the issue has been clouded by the meeting with Union.

The regulations would seem to render Hayne ineligible to play for Australia in international play if he goes the Union route, but League has decidedly looser international laws that would make it possible to him to represent at both the state and national level.